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The Value of Seeing an Experienced Optometrist

Today, life seems busier than ever and it is so easy for our eyesight to take the backseat when considering health priorities. However, we recommend having a comprehensive eye examination with our experienced Optometrist annually in order to maintain your clearest, most comfortable vision.

Taking care of your eyesight includes protecting your eyes from wind and Solar UV and foreign bodies in your environment every day. Our Optometrist can advise you on the best sunglass protection for all the activities in your busy life. Narelle Hine can also keep your vision optimised for clarity giving you your best possible vision enjoyment at work and play. Screening for eye disease during your regular eye examination is also critical to preserving your vision for life. And who doesn’t want to enjoy high definition vision in their daily world?

  • If you have been experiencing blurry vision and eyestrain, a comprehensive eye examination will allow our Optometrist to diagnose and correct the cause of the problem. Life is too short for struggling with blurred vision.

  • Digital Eyestrain One of the lead causes for eye muscle strain and headaches is over use of our computers and mobile phone screens our daily life. Obviously, the severity of eye strain is exacerbated when vision correction is needed at close range or incorrect glasses or contact lens correction are worn. We highly recommend stepping away from any screen that you are using at least once every thirty minutes and to stretch and relax your eye muscles by looking into the distance for a few minutes and blinking frequently to reform depleted tear film. Even simply looking away from the device that you are using for at least twenty seconds to give your eyes a momentary break is useful for avoiding digital eyestrain and unpleasant dry eye symptoms.

  • Complaints of dry eyes after prolonged screen work are a common and natural consequence of not taking regular breaks. Our Optometrist will advise you about the right lubricant eye drops and dosage to ease your dry eye discomfort.

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