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Digital Fatigue

Digital Eye Fatigue. Top tips to avoid eye strain when working with screens. HineSight Optometrist is here to help with all your eye concerns and needs. What is Digital Eye Fatigue? Why are my eyes red and watering? How to avoid digital eyestrain?

 Digital Eye Strain 

I see many office people who suffer the daily discomfort of eyestrain as they struggle to see their digital device screens.                      

Avoiding screen fatigue begins with removing blur in your vision with the correct lenses/ glasses. Digital devices have different viewing distances and that may mean a different pair of glasses to read a closer mobile phone screen versus a desktop screen.

To maintain comfort at the screen, the adult human eye needs a few minutes break every 30 - 60 minutes, rest eye muscle contraction and restore the tear film. Dry eye discomfort is a natural consequence of reduced blinking often exacerbated by air conditioning.


- Narelle Hine

Solutions for Digital Eye Strain 

20 - 20 - 20 Rule





Break for



Look Out

Feet Away

When I prescribe for screen users (including children), I always recommend blue light control filters in the lenses to mitigate the high energy wavelength that comes from our screens

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