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Suffering from Digital Eye Strain or Blurry Vision? You May Need Glasses for Screen Work...

With an increase in people working from home and many jobs requiring people to sit hours in front of digital devices, your eyes have never worked harder. Taking care of your eyes has never been more important to cope with the digital workload. Even a short time period of screen time can cause strain on your eyes if you have not been blessed with the near perfect vision (emmetropia) or have the right up-to-date lens prescription. On average, most people require an upgraded lens prescription every two years.

Here at HineSight, occupational glasses for screen work are commonly prescribed for our symptomatic patients to correct the eye’s inherent focus errors and alleviate their eye strain. All computer screens emit wavelengths of high energy blue light and specific filters are recommended to be incorporated into occupational lenses to help protect your external and internal eye over the hours. Call us on 02 9235 3044 to book an eye examination appointment to explore how to improve your daily comfort at screen work.

It’s now normal for most people to spend around six to eight hours staring at their digital devices daily for work and leisure, which can lead to symptoms such as headaches, tired and dry eyes, blurred vision and failing concentration. But what makes our computer specs different from a regular pair of glasses?

Benefits of Computer Spectacles

Computer spectacles and the blue-light filters in lenses are now a popular investment, particularly with the steep increase in time spent on digital devices every day, and the advantages of such glasses are becoming apparent. Here are just a few ways using glasses for screen work can ease the strain on your eyes:

  • You can see the screen more clearly if your vision is properly corrected. Staring at a screen can quickly exhaust your eyes and cause symptoms such as dryness/itchiness, blurred vision, and lack of concentration. Computer spectacles will alleviate the muscular eyestrain of digital device work.

  • Better posture. When your eyes grow tired, you might unconsciously lean in closer to your screen. You may even develop neck and back pain from sitting at awkward positions as you struggle to see more clearly. The correct lenses will help you see the screen clearly in the right ergonomic posture.

  • More restful sleep. Did you know that wearing lenses with a blue-light control coating can even help you sleep better? All screens emit high energy blue light that reduces our natural melatonin levels and disturbs our sleep patterns. Filtering out these wavelengths means you can fall asleep easier and dream longer!

Contact us today to find out more about your eye health concerns.

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