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Contact Lenses & Prescriptions


Comfortable Contact Lenses for Progressive and Multifocal Lens wearers

Contact lenses offer flexibility and freedom for your active lifestyle and work, they can also be a great alternative to spectacles and are perfect for weekend wear or everyday convenience.

Now almost everyone can wear contact lenses including people with complex and specialty optical needs such as those of us who have astigmatism or need progressive lenses. Just ask Narelle about what lens technologies are now available for your vision needs and eye shape during your eye examination.



Daily disposables – Convenient and more bio compatible lenses, now available for multifocal lens wearers and astigmatism!

Ortho-Keratology –  a well researched clinical technique to slow the development of Myopia. Custom designed rigid contact lenses are fitted to reshape the cornea during sleep and are removed first thing in the morning. The added bonus is that glasses and corrective lenses are not worn through the day. The lenses are reapplied every night.  


Multifocal contact lenses - for people who don’t want to wear reading glasses full time or struggle to find that “sweet spot” in their multifocal glasses to view their computer screen


New Moisture enhancing lenses–For combating dryness in air conditioning and screen work.


Myopia control lenses – This is a highly recommended therapy for young people to slow  accelerating myopia (short sightedness). Today we can use both soft and rigid contact lenses for this therapy.  You can read more about Myopia Control and Ortho-Keratology in our Myopia Control Page. 

Signs you need Multifocal Contact Lenses!

To confirm that your contact lens design is still the best and healthiest choice for your ocular surface-cells and your lifestyle – and that you are caring for your contact lenses correctly, book in for a contact lens examination annually!


Your contact lens material may not be compatible with all lens disinfecting solutions. Ask our advice before changing your disinfecting solution. The wrong soaking solution can seriously affect the performance and comfort of your lens on your eye.



The latest advances in contact lens technology mean that many patients who’ve been denied contact lenses in the past can now comfortably wear contact lenses. When was the last time you asked about contact lenses?

Why I need an annual contact lens check?

Choosing the right Solution for your Contact Lenses?

Contact Lenses for Astigmatism?

Contact Lens FAQs


  • Multifocal Contact Lenses and Lenses for Astigmatism, that are right for you. ​

  • Emailing us your order for contact lenses. If we have your current prescription on file we can order for you. If not, we’ll help you obtain your necessary lens prescription.

  • 48 hours lead time in receiving your supply of disposable contact lenses.

  • We reward you for ordering 6 months supply or more of disposable contact lenses.

How You Can Get Prescribed Contact Lenses

When you come to HineSight, you can be assured that you are being seen by a highly trained and experienced eyecare professional. 


Our principal optometrist, Narelle Hine, has over 25 years of contact lens fitting experience in  Australia and the UK and postgraduate training in this field. She has a special interest in fitting multifocal contact lenses and Myopia Control lenses. She is a past president of the Cornea and  Contact Lens Society of Australia and clinical supervisor at the UNSW. 

Your Prescription Contact Lens Appointment

Our goal is to help you feel comfortable during every step of the process. 


Whether you are a new or an experienced lens wearer, your contact lens fitting consultation is scheduled after your initial comprehensive eye exam because Narelle Hine, our optometrist, uses the history, readings and assessments to guide her selection of your best indicated trial contact lens design. Her advice is then truly tailored to your specific needs. Most people are amazed by the clarity and comfort of their trial lens and a final endorsement of the performance of the chosen lens design on the eye, is made after a few days of wear. Contact lenses can change your life!

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