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Exquisite Women's Sunglasses


Irresistible Accessories for the Face

Sunglasses are essential for protecting our eyes from the harsh Australian sun, but we all know a well designed sunglass as an irresistible accessory for our face too.


Sunglasses that reflect the sophistication and quality of a luxe brand become addictive because we love the experience of wearing them. Come in and experience our new season sleek sunglasses from European designers Chopard and Tom Ford.

Iconic Australian designers too, understand our need for good sunglass protection with style. AM Eyewear and Oroton deliver beautiful retro but edgy collections every season.

Whether for street wear, driving, the beach or your sporting activities, our trained staff will help you find the right sunglass for your personal style, face shape and lens needs. 

Caroline Abrams Sunglasses Eyeballs Sydney 4_edited.png
Maui Jim Brilliant Lenses Exculsive at HineSight Optometrist

Colour. Clarity. Detail.

Here at HineSight we LOVE Maui Jim

and their PolarizedPlus2® lens. With technology that goes beyond shielding your eyes from glare and harmful UV to reveal and enhance the world's true vivid colours in detail. With a variety of colours to choose from: 

Maui Jim Lenses Exculsive at HineSight
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