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Our Progressive Contact Lenses Offer a More  Seamless Shift from Far to Near Focus

Discover the diverse lens technologies available for your eye shape and vision needs. Let us assess whether you have a refractive error such as near-sightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), age-related farsightedness (presbyopia), or astigmatism. You may even have a combination. We can prescribe the progressive contact lenses that suit your condition best.

Progressive contacts provide sections designed for nearby objects, intermediate eyesight, and distance viewing without distinct lines that separate each optical zone so you can adjust your vision to different distances quickly and easily. 


Regain Your Freedom With Multifocal Contact Lenses From  HineSight in Sydney 

Recently, many people over the age of 47 are discovering the convenience of multifocal contacts as an alternative to multifocal glasses, especially if they live an active lifestyle. Daily disposable multifocal contact lenses are the most popular and there is an art to selecting the best lens design because individual variations in eye contour and pupil size have far more impact on delivering satisfactory vision than with single vision lens forms.

Talk to Narelle Hine at your eye examination, and she will tell you if you could be a candidate for multifocal contact lenses for either full-time or weekend wear. She loves wearing her multifocal contact lenses every day in the clinic.

Our most popular lens types include:

  • More bio-compatible daily disposables for multifocal lens wearers and astigmatism. - Custom-designed, breathable, soft or rigid myopia control and orthokeratology contact lenses fitted to reshape the cornea to slow myopia development and increasing shortsigtedness.

  • New Moisture enhancing lenses that help combat lens surface dryness created by digital device use and air conditioning.

Many people with astigmatism now enjoy similar clarity and comfort to less complex lenses because of new advances in lens design. If you were unsuccessful with toric lenses in the past, it is worth asking Narelle Hine for another toric contact lens assessment.

Our Experienced Optometrists Offer Personalised Eye Care

Ask us about the latest advances in contact lens technology during your comprehensive examination or contact lens check so you can take advantage of the new high performance contact lens technology now on offer.

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