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Who is Narelle Hine?

Updated: May 10

Narelle Hine, our principal optometrist, has been offering professional optometry services for over 30 years across a range of skills, with a specific focus on contact lenses for people in Sydney CBD. Hinesight has become a trusted name in the eyecare profession, complemented by qualified and professional staff who can offer personalised advice and solutions for your vision. Narelle’s multifaceted knowledge and experience with clinical eye care and disease screening, contact lens prescribing, and chronic visual fatigue of screen users, allows her to provide patients with effective and in-depth continued care of their eye health.

At Hinesight, we have a variety of options for disposable contact lenses and solutions, subjective to each patient’s individual lifestyle and needs. Beyond corrective lenses, we offer solutions for prescription glasses and sunglasses in a wide range of distinctive European frame designs that will boost your confidence and make you feel like a star!

Contact us for all your eye care requirements – we look forward to hearing from you.


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