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Why trust HineSight to be your Sydney City Optometrist?

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Here at HineSight, we are dedicated to providing personalised and high-quality eye care. From your initial eye examination to choosing the right lens optics, frame or contact lenses for your individual needs, our team’s knowledge and advice aims to guide you through comfortably and leave you satisfied by your visit! Our goal is to provide you with the care and means needed to maintain good vision and eye health until you need to see us next.

We also strive to keep things as efficient as possible for our patients. The Medicare and private health fund rebates available for consultations and specs/contact lenses respectively can be claimed at our practice, saving you from the hassle of working through it yourself at home! HineSight also offers direct-to-patient delivery service for our contact lens wearers.

To enquire more about the services HineSight can offer you, please:

Call us on 02 9235 3044

Email us or book an appointment through our website.

The HineSight team looks forward to hearing from you!

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