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If you are struggling with the physical and optical limitations of wearing glasses to correct your vision, using contact lenses in Sydney is an ideal solution for anyone with a more active lifestyle. Contact lenses offer comfortable and convenient vision without boundaries, giving the flexibility and freedom you remember pre-specs. As a result, you can confidently immerse yourself in outdoor demanding lifestyle activities or everyday office tasks with ease!

HineSight is a Sydney city-based optometrist with an experienced professional team who can assist with your successful journey to contact lens wear! Even if you were previously told that contact lenses were not an option because you have astigmatism or need reading glasses, today’s new lens designs mean you may still be a successful contact lens wearer. Are your optical correction needs even more complex and challenging? Narelle Hine, our principal Optometrist draws on her strong clinical research background to help people who need more specialised rigid gas permeable contact lens designs such as for the conditions of Keratoconus and Corneal Grafts or myopia control therapies such as Ortho-Keratology (OK).

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