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Multifocal contact lenses provide the best of both worlds: clear seamless near and distance vision, as well as ease of wear and accessibility for every-day use. Here at HineSight, we have a variety of multifocal contact lens options that may be perfect for you, depending on your individual lifestyle and preferences.


The essential qualities of multifocal contact lenses are that their optics are designed differently to multifocal (also called progressive) glasses. They still contain both distance, intermediate and near visual zones to help you see more naturally and conveniently at varying distances from you. They are ideal for people with presbyopia (usually 45 years of age and older), or people who need dedicated reading lenses for focusing on close objects.


Multifocal contact lenses also offer a smooth transition for people who are accustomed to using distance correction contact lenses and now need additional reading help but resent the look or inconvenience of wearing specs over their contact lenses to restore their near vision.


Multifocal contact lenses are available in soft lens and rigid gas permeable materials. The most common type is based on a concentric design, which uses a set of concentric annular zones of vision with different powers to enable clear viewing at various distances. Blended aspheric centre near optics are currently the most popular design option because they deliver clearest computer screen vision.

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